Evangelism Now-Reaching Without Preaching

The current view of evangelism is to Christians is that it is too difficult and to everyone else, it is too religious. Often, you will hear dedicated Christians describe the mission of spreading the gospel as though it requires a professional presentation or a certain level of education to spread the word of God. This temptation has even lured churches by trying different methods that supposedly are meant to make it easier to spread the word of God. This implies that regular Christians cannot effectively spread the word of God without the help of such tools. On the contrary, all you need to do to spread contribute to the ministry is to be a witness of Jesus Christ, live in faith and show genuine concern for others.

Global Prayer Ministry is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to the hearts of the people. Most people will hold their guards up when approached by a minister in a certain way. People are bombarded by Christians from all direction using the same systematic and impersonal tactics. Some people will send irritating junk emails in the name of ministering. As such, most people will turn you down when you approach them with the message of Jesus. Natural outreach is supposed to seek a solution to the life of a person. People will become more receptive to the word of God when they discover that Jesus has a solution to their problems.

The only way to serve the Gospel to people is to serve it fresh. You should be a witness without witnessing. People are tired of the same old methods that have been used to reach out to people when spring the gospel. The nature of a genuine Christian who reaches out to people is the one that attracts people not the flashy material that people may use to spread the gospel.

The Bible is a highly valuable book.  It is a way through which God speaks to us. The Bible acts as a guide to our lives, and it is a source of encouragement. However to other people,  it is just a book and therefore, you should have it in your heart, and you do not need to carry it or show it when you are ministering. If you have the bible in you, it will come out in your actions, in the way you minister as well as in your word. Lastly, when ministering, you should focus on sharing faith in Jesus but not the gospel. Know about fasting and prayer here!